Friday, 17 July 2015

What is #PositiveAboutBF?

All of us here at #PositiveAboutBF have joined forces with Boobie Milk to help with the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt 2015 in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week 2015 which begins on August 1st.  An amazing celebration of breastfeeding from bloggers and businesses alike.

However, our story doesn't end there, while it is fantastic and amazingly worthwhile to have such an amazing focus on breastfeeding in World Breastfeeding Week, we want breastfeeding to be viewed positively all year round.  With all the negative press currently surrounding breastfeeding be it the #bressure movement or the likes of the Primark allegations or the viral photos that are hopping around the internet over public breastfeeding along with the backlash, we here want to make a difference.

Breastfeeding doesn't, and shouldn't, be about what other people think or do.  Breastfeeding is each Mother's personal journey.  Breastfeeding is something to be celebrated positively, BUT, not at the expense of belittling others.  #PositiveAboutBF aims to do just that.

"We are not raining on your parade, we are simply celebrating our own"


  1. Really excited to be part of this! Well done for getting this up and running. Yes, we enjoy breastfeeding, we enjoy talking about it, and that's okay! :-)

  2. Me too...brilliant idea! I always feel guilty sometimes for succeeding! This will be a good way to overcome that and show the positive side to it xx

  3. Also excited to be part of #PositiveAboutBF. Looking forward to getting to grips with it all. :)


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