Thursday, 20 August 2015

How You Know You're A Breastfeeder

Breastfeeding.  Do you ever wonder if the woman you pass in the street is a breastfeeder?  I mean of course she should be waving a large sign above her head and be walking round getting her boobs out at every opportunity.  Do you ever wonder if people can tell you are a breastfeeder (when you've put your sign away)?  

Here's a handy little guide that might help...

1.  Constant fidgeting with your bra

Be it that she forget to clip up her nursing bra and its flapping in the wind or that her breast pads need adjusting yet again you can be rest assured that there will be fidgeting of some description.

2.  Unidentifiable stained clothes

Ahhh those early (and not so early days in some cases) days of feeding when if the baby cried, you leaked, if the baby didn't cry, you leaked, pretty much whatever happened you leaked.

3.  Wearing a standard uniform of lycra, or buttons or zips, anything for easy access really

Because when the baby wants feeding he wants feeding now, the quicker your access the better.  And despite what some people may think most breastfeeders don't want to get naked in public.

4. Snacks, snacks, snacks....

Constantly munching because of the breastfeeding munchies.  And lots of cake.  Cake makes sleepless nights seem much better.  Besides breastfeeding burns an extra 500 calories  (*not sure where it's being burnt as my jeans still don't fit?  Maybe it's time to put down the cake....) 

5.  Ginormous cotton bras

Gone are the pretty lacy affairs that used to reside in my underwear drawer (much to my husbands delight) lacy, underwired, pale pastel, racy red, black numbers.  Wisps of lace that my breastfeeding boobs LAUGH at the sight of.  That my breastfeeding boobs have no hope in fitting in after my milk has come in.  And are also no good for easy access for the baby.  So bye bye lace things of beauty and hello giant cotton bras with wide straps and clips.

Don't worry lace, it won't be forever

6.  Your boobs change

Now OK, unless you are particularly close to someone you aren't going to be able to tell this just from walking down the street and looking at someone.  But your boobs change.  From mass "pammy" boobs when your milk comes in - and note this is no good for anyone because the second someone comes near you you are likely to spray them in the eye with milk - and your nipples become ginormous.  Not sure why.  Maybe the constant sucking??

What are your top signs?

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  1. Clipping, then adjusting, and unclipping bra straps. So much fiddling of straps to do :-) Good list!


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