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A group of like-minded bloggers who are all looking to promote the #PositiveAboutBF message.


Laura is a parenting and lifestyle blogger over at Life with Baby Kicks.  She is #PositiveAboutBF after breastfeeding her first boy for 11 months and having just started on her second breastfeeding journey.

She is looking to promote a positive message around breastfeeding, allowing a celebration of achievements without any of the #bressure.

"It's not about raining on your parade, it's about celebrating my own"


Sarah blogs over Run Jump Scrap where she documents her musings as she bumbles through mummihood frantically trying to get my fitness and scrapbooking hits where she can. 

She loved breastfeeding her daughter and wants it to be seen in more of a positive light and not something to be feared or for people to feel guilty if they either succeed or struggle. 

Another Bun

Another Bun is a parenting blogger over at Another Bun. Passionate about breastfeeding, she breastfed her first baby until he was 18 months and is currently nursing her second child, Wee Bun. 

Having trained as a peer supporter, she is dedicated to promoting positive breastfeeding messages and helping women every step of the way in their breastfeeding journey.


Georgina writes a parenting and beauty blog over at Kohl Mama and like the other contributors is completely passionate about breastfeeding. Georgina trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter during her second maternity leave so she could help mothers who experience the same difficulties she did in 2011  with her son. 

Georgina is dedicated to normalising the continuation of a healthy breastfeeding relationship in an area that has the one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the country.


Sian is a parenting and lifestyle blogger over at Quite Frankly She Said. She is #positiveaboutbf after breastfeeding her two babies and became a peer supporter so she could help other mothers reach their goals, too.

Sian wants to help spread a more positive and realistic message about breastfeeding, and support other mums and mums-to-be on their own journeys. 


Sadie Blogs at Fit For Parenting, she is #PositiveAboutBF after breastfeeding both of her children. Sadie found breastfeeding very difficult but by the end was sad to stop and wants to promote the positives of breastfeeding and help those struggling.

Sadie was always surprised at how few of her post natal friends didn't breastfeed and whilst she supports them for their choice she wants to promote breastfeeding as a normal choice for those who want to and can. 


Zoe is a parenting and lifestyle blogger writing over at My Mummy's World. She is #PositiveAboutBF as she found the beginning of her journey a little hard but wanted to continue for the benefits. 
Zoe would like to help spread a positive message about breastfeeding and support others during their journey.


aNoviceMum is a first-time mum, and a parenting, family, and lifestytle blogger; she blogs at Adventures of a Novice Mum. Breastfeeding is a vital part of her mothering and she is #PositiveAboutBF her baby / toddler. 

She had many breastfeeding struggles in the early months of her breastfeeding journey but was keen to keep trying. Fortunately, she found the right support and is now on her way towards achieving her breastfeeding goal of breastfeeding for 2 years. 

aNoviceMum promotes positive and constructive conversations about breastfeeding, and is very keen for mums and their families to have the infant feeding support they need at the right time - prenatal and postnatal.

Also contributing is the fantastic Jenny from Monkey and Mouse.

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