Friday, 24 July 2015

Introducing Why Sarah at Run Jump Scrap is #PositiveaboutBF

My Mum didn't breastfeed me and she is very sensitive about it. Very. She was not supported very well after I was born and I was hysterical at the time. I was given a bottle and the rest is history.

When I was pregnant I was very easy going. The most I had been for a long while. What would be would be. The pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding...I was going to go with the flow and do whatever worked best.

I went to my NCT group class and was given all the advice. I bought my breast pads. I bought bottles and a steam steriliser as I was going to at least do some breast pumping and get hubby to pitch in!

After my daughter was born it wasn't easy at first. The pain when the milk came in, my cracked left nipple and a daughter who only liked the left side so I had a melon in the place of my normal breast. I have the stretch marks to prove it. Cluster feeding for the first 6 weeks was very tricky and I would be chained to the sofa most evenings.

But it got better, it got easier and I grew to love it. My daughter would be screaming the place down but as soon as her little nose was near my nipple she would calm down and faff about. It was as if she needed to take her time before she latched on. It was just so cute. It was time for me and her. It was frustrating sometimes. I got fidgity. She fed every 90 minutes during the day. I watched a ridiculous amount of telly and drank a stupid amount of Vimto squash but I loved it. I loved feeding in public and had a lovely group of friends who did the same. I ditched my breast feeding curtain and just used a muslin and it was much easier. I hope I can succeed again.

Having a sneaky feed in the park before ditching the curtain

I don't want to gloat.

I don't want to make those who formula fed their babies feel guilty.

I don't want to isolate those who formula fed their babies.

I just want to tell my story and be #positiveaboutBF

There does not need to be a divide between the feeding camps. After all, we are all lovingly feeding our babies somehow.

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