Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Introducing Why Jenny From Monkey and Mouse is #PositiveAboutBF

I've been asked several times now why I chose to breastfeed my children.  The truth is I had never really thought about anything else, even as a child I knew I would breastfeed my children, it never occurred to me to feed any other way.

When my first son arrived he reluctantly latched on, but it wasn't until the second day when I got him latched on properly with the help of a lovely midwife that my breastfeeding journey really began.  He loved to feed little and often, which was fine, I quickly got used to feeding him wherever we were.  I was sad when he stopped feeding at 26 months old, he complained that there was no milk left, probably as it had turned to colostrum as our 2nd son was due a few months later.

My second son was straight on the breast after he was born and it has been the easiest thing for me to just pop him on whenever he was upset as a baby and as soon as he could crawl he would come onto my lap to get his milk.  Of course now at 18 months old he jumps into my lap and throws himself sideways!

I love being able to breastfeed my boys, it has helped us bond, given them help to get through illnesses and to sleep easily, plus it's great nutritious food that I can give him for free (I like free things!).

I am one of those lucky mums who have never had any personal issues with breastfeeding, no negative comments and I want to show others that there doesn't need to be any negativity, let's be #positiveaboutBF.

Let's not judge how anyone else chooses to feed their child, but be #positiveaboutBF and support those who do, share our journeys and make breastfeeding normal again.  I am proud to be part of the #positiveaboutBF movement and hope my journey helps others to be positive about their own breastfeeding too.

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