Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Introducing why aNoviceMum is #PositiveAboutBF

Despite my birth plan not going according to plan, my little one latched on within an hour of birth. The intrigue of it all was amazing, and even now I can't get my head around it.

Fast forward to day 2 after I gave birth; our blissful feeding changed to a nightmare that took me months to get out ot. Worries about possible dehydration due to lack of enough fluid ... horror at seeing a strip of skin (mine) coming out of my baby's mouth as I unlatched him ... there were the start of our problems.

The pressing and prodding to help me express ... the failed attempts to teach me to hand express ... the disbelief at the amount that I got from pumping the first time ... the excruciating pain, tears and frustration that followed; I still can't quite bring myself to fully write about them just yet. 

So you might wonder, why I'm I Positive About Breastfeeding?
I am because it is one of the key ways I love my child.
I am because it brought out a perseverance and stamina in me that I never knew existed.
I am because it showed me how much I am willing to give up for love.
I am because it is core to how I continue to bond my child.
I am because it answers many unknown questions between my child and I.
I am because it is an important channel of 'deeper-than-words' communication with my child.
I am because it soothes many cries and meets my child's diverse needs.

I wrote about the top 5 things I like about breastfeeding a while ago, and I can write about many more.

Oh, don't get me wrong, breastfeeding is not a bed of roses. I combined fed with Formula for my child's well being, as I was told by some midwives. Unfortuantely, I didn't understand the impact of this on my supply. My supply dwindled without my knowledge and I ended up in a vicious circle and terrible rot.

I am so thankful that I finally found the help that I needed as I reached out more and more. Mothers shouldn't have to go through such needless pain and agony because of their choice to breastfeed.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding because I know that with adequate knowledge and quality support, breastfeeding works. I am forever grateful to those who showed me so much compassion on my breastfeeding journey.

Quality support doesn't have to come from the professionals too. I have learnt so much from hanging out with my mummy friends, with such varied breastfeeding journey too.

I am so glad I kept at it and we're now almost 18months in, about three quarters way towards my breastfeeding goal which seemed so impossible for many months.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding because it's so heterogeneous and there's room for everyone ... there is no one way to do it ... there is no one thing to get out of it. The diversity in it makes it so inclusive!

You can:
  • breastfeed
  • express / pump breastfeed
  • combine feed
  • cup feed
  • bottle feed
  • donor feed
You don't have to be rich or poor, black or white, educated or illiterate. Indeed, most mums who want to breastfeed have the natural capacity to.

You can breastfeed for however long you are happy to, or able to; may that be a day or less, or more.

You can be structured about it, or feed on request.

You can wean early or later ... so much flexibility! You don't even have to, if you don't want to.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding because it allows each mum and their family to decide what works for them in their particular situation; to or not to.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding because it's the biological norm for feeding infants; even then, it leaves room to choose otherwise for whatever reason.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding because it allows everyone to feed their infant / toddler / child the way that works best for them.

I am Positive About Breastfeeding, and as such,  I want to support other mums on their infant feeding journey, like others supported me.

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